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Take Your Imprint to the Next Level with Mixed Media Printing!

In the current world of marketing or advertisement, there are numerous ways to promote or market products or services. Some businesses prefer online marketing, while some like to do it in a different way.  Promotional activities have numerous options to choose from, and one of them is printed apparels. Yes, logo or brand name printed on tops or t-shirts is something that we are familiar with. However, now it is the time to take the imprint technique to the next level, and this article will help you know more about it. So, check it out. 

Mixed media printing is getting quite popular these days. For those who do not know, it is an excellent method to get the attention to your brand and logo. In case you are looking for a sure shot way to make people look at your logo then mixed media printing has the answers. This technique offers you the chance to include two dissimilar imprint techniques in one location. Let us provide you an example- you can mix screen transfer of your business logo with a laser decoration and get the URL of your website embroidered on the t-shirt, top, coffee cup, mug, cap, or mementoes.

In mixed media printing, the bottom layer has to be laser decoration. Like we know, laser decoration makes use of a controlled light that burns the surface of the garment. A lot of people also consider mixed media printing as retail centered imprint method; it means that the items which are printed using this method appear quite like something that are found in any garment store. So, if you are looking for using t-shirts, tops, hoodies or other such attires as a means of promotion or marketing then you must incorporate the techniques of mixed media printing. Go for it!

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