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embroidery adelaide

Quality Embroidery Services in Adelaide

Embroidery is a great method of design. Pocket size logos are great for applications on caps, while large designs can be too heavy.
You have an array of colours to choose from - best of all it won't affect the overall cost!
At Festival Screen Print, we normally charge a set up cost and the embroidery cost is based on the number of stitches we calculate.
All costings will be communicated with you and our customers respect and trust our judgement.
A no obligation quote will be prepared on request - so get thinking!

Why should you consider using embroidery to decorate your garments?
Embroidery is a very popular decorating of materials with needle and thread. It is most often recommended for placing wording and logos on to caps, hats, windcheaters, polo-tops, dress shirts etc.
Embroidered caps, hats, hoodies, polos and workwear are ideal for businesses, clubs or schools etc to give the wearer a smart and impressive look.
Almost any design can be created with embroidery and if the design is to be simple wording only there is normally no “set-up” (or digitizing) cost involved.
If the design is to incorporate a logo in addition to wording, then a “set-up” cost will be incurred with a first order.
A full colour range of threads is available and the number of colours required in your design will not cost any more than a one colour design.
We pride ourselves on offering a no-minimum order policy - we are happy to do just one off if that is all you require.
For more information about embroidery in Adelaide, call Festival Screen Print on 08 8523 0008 or via our CONTACT PAGE