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December 2014 Holidays - Plan Your Promotions

The month of December surely brings loads of fun for everyone. During the winter days, everyone looks for reasons for celebrations. Even though the month of December is considered special particularly due to the Christmas festival, but people from all religious background tend to take part in the celebrations with full enthusiasm. So, as an entrepreneur, why not cash in the opportunity by offering the right deals to your online customers! Through this article, we will help you know how to plan your promotions for December 2014.      

There are numerous occasions in this month that can be used as a reason to shop online. For example, 4th of December is celebrated as National Cookie Day; 14th of December is celebrated as Monkey Day; 16th of December is popular as National Chocolate Covered Anything Day; 21st of December is celebrated as the first day of winter; etc. So, you can use these occasions to promote or sell products that relate to the occasions accordingly. Logo cookies, fortune cookies, chocolate gift boxes, cookie cutter, chocolate covered cookies, and other such items can be good products for the promotional purposes that are relevant for the festive season. Even corporate gifting takes on a new dimension in form of t-shirts, caps, bags, cups, pens, fridge magnet or badges that have these corporate insignias.    

Offering discounts on the products that are in demand during the holiday filled winter days, such as Christmas hats, Christmas or New Year cakes, warm clothes, and even wine can be good way to plan your promotions. You can offer free shipping on 22nd of December, as it is considered as the Free Shipping Day. Similarly, the amount of discount offered should look more attractive on 20th of December, as the Saturday right before the Christmas is celebrated as Super Saturday. In fact, for the online retailers, over 30 percent of the entire month’s sale comes from this day! Below are some more occasions when you can offer discounts:       

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