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Promotional Products vs. Traditional Advertising

When you’re deciding how to market your company, consider making your marketing dollars go far with the use of promotional products. There are key advantages in using promotional items to display your logo or brand message vs. traditional media channels.

Let’s have a look at the top three reasons why you should consider promotional products in your marketing plan.

  1. Lengthy Exposure – when using traditional methods of marketing, your brand is limited to exposure to a certain market. Print media can be limited to specific subscribers and it doesn’t have a long shelf life. In contrast, promotional products are used up to 4 years. People tend to hold onto promotional products because they are useful in our daily life. For example, drink bottles and lanyards are used daily. Every time your promotional product gets used, your audience thinks about your company and brand.
  1. Low Cost – the long term cost of promotional products is extremely affordable. They are cheap to make and cheap to distribute.
  1. Memorable Impact – people pay attention to what is in front of them regularly. Putting your promotional products literally in the hands of your audience forces them to take notice. Your marketing message will be much more memorable, as opposed to a one-off quick flick through a magazine.

Next time you look at marketing your brand, consider using promotional products.

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