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Trends in Promotional Products

Trends in Promotional ProductsThe promotional industry plays an intricate role in helping marketers to be more efficient. We are a constantly growing industry, introducing new methods for businesses to promote themselves through.

Technology and the environment are the two main trends in promotional products in 2014. Links to a website will be crucial to connect audience to marketer. The introduction of many digital products has played a huge role in consumer engagement.

We are seeing a shift towards environmentally-friendly products to reduce our carbon footprints. By using “green” gifts to promote your business, you will make it clear that corporate social responsibility is very important to your company.

We have compiled a list of 30 promotional products we recommend for businesses to try.

  1. Cooler bags
  2. Pen holders
  3. Tote bags
  4. Keyrings
  5. Bottle opener keyrings
  6. Wrist bands
  7. Thermal mugs
  8. Tablet sleeves
  9. Lanyards
  10. Car sunshade
  11. Incentive cards
  12. Gift boxes and paper
  13. Badges and name tags
  14. Signs
  15. Beanies
  16. Clocks
  17. Office and desk
  18. Bottled water
  19. Cushions
  20. Tissue boxes
  21. Coffee and tea accessories
  22. Jars, dishes and plates
  23. Business card holders
  24. Calculators
  25. Desk accessories
  26. Stress reducers
  27. USB devices
  28. Mouse mats
  29. IPhone covers
  30. Mobile business cards

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