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Embroidery As a Branding Solution

Embroidery as a Branding SolutionPersonalised promotion with branding is a great way to promote a company and make people aware of its products and services with a unique yet distinctive identity. Businesses around the world know the extreme importance of creating a brand identity and spreading brand awareness for maximising visibility and helping target audience to recall it favourably when they go for purchase decisions. While there are many approaches to branding which include stationery branding and online marketing, it is important that branding finds its way into practically usable, day to day items which can be used by people and which makes them know and remember your brand better. This is where embroidery presents itself as a viable, cost-effective and high-quality solution by way of branding clothes, uniforms, accessories and other items of daily use.

Use of Embroidery in Branding

Embroidery is the process through which designs and patterns are sewn directly onto fabric at high speeds, mostly using machines tailor-made for the job. The embroidery process can create professional, high quality replication of designs on fabric in a manner which is fast, gives a rich look and is cost-effective. This method of incorporating branding is popular with companies due to the fact that it is a smooth process that gives satisfactory results while remaining affordable.

The Process

Usually, companies will supply an embroidery company with a high resolution digitised image of their brands assets like logo and company name and also specify their requirements. The company processes the digitised image and converts it into a special format that can be fed to the embroidery machine. The actual embroidery process takes little time and the items requested can then be handed over. Most popular choices for company branding are t-shirts, bags and caps. This way, companies can achieve a clear and quality representation of their brand assets on everyday items and effectively promote their business in a way that in engaging and leaves a favourable and long-lasting impression.

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