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Benefits of Screen Printing

Benefits of Screen PrintingScreen printing is a time-tested method for printing designs onto fabrics. It is a method where a pattern or design in put on a screen and a frame and that is used with a squeegee to infuse the colours once the target piece of fabric. Over the years, screen printing has seen a lot of changes, with change in technology, the approaches and the taste.

Even with newer and more efficient and cost-effective techniques coming into the picture, screen printing has endured because it has a number of benefits which advocate its use. Here are some of those benefits -

  1. Economical - When it comes to mass production, screen printing can be one of the most economical ways to achieve fabric printing goals. When the designs and patterns are repetitive, then it is hard to bring the economy of process that screen printing brings to the table, making cost recovery a lot easier.
  2. Fast - If you need fast turnovers then screen printing is the apt answer. There are few other processes that can beat screen printing when it comes to sheer speed. Due to the simplicity of the process and its conduciveness for repeating procedures, a large number of printed materials can be made fast and without hassles.
  3. Scalable - With screen printing, you need not conform to specific size limitations. You can choose the size of the screen and the frame keeping in mind your requirements. Even for very large designs, screen printing can be easily done and gives better performance than other popular techniques like digital printing.
  4. Durability - Screen printed fabrics last long. The paint dries quickly and the finished material can withstand rough use and exposure to the elements. The printing does not discolour or damage easily and can look as good as freshly printed for years on end.
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