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History of T-Shirt Printing

History of T-Shirt PrintingThe printed t-shirt has become such a part of life nowadays that most of us never stop to consider about the rich history and the long line of social and technological changes that have played a role in making it so. Nowadays, printed t-shirts can be seen everywhere, come in all shapes, sizes and designs and are one of the most popular sections of clothing items. Let us take a look at the important parts in the history of t-shirt printing.

Where did t-shirts come from?

T-shirts were originally meant to be used as male undergarments. It was conceived as a means of added protection for army personnel and soldiers during the times of the Second World War, meant to be worn under military shirts and equipment. As a standalone form of clothing, they became popular during the time after the war and their popularity has kept rising since then.

Textile Printing

Textile printing dates back to third century China and their technique of printing textile using designs carved into wooded blocks. Since then, textile printing has advanced leaps and bounds, especially during the times of the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution. Advancements in technology have aided in the development.

The Printed T-shirt

Printed t-shirts first came to the forefront in the 1950s, when a number of companies in the US started printing t-shirts as a means to promote tourist locations in their locality. The technique used at that time was screen printing. Things became much more interesting in the early 1960s, as several new technologies like new pigments and inks started being developed. As printed t-shirts started gaining popularity, they also started being mass-produced.

Nowadays, printed t-shirts can be seen as an extension of personality or a vehicle through which people express their views and opinions. They are easily available and are extremely popular all over the world.

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