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Gain an Edge Using Corflute Signs

Corflute SignsCorflute signs are an affordable promotional tool used extensively by real estate agents, event planners, and other trades people. The light weight and weather resistant material is an ideal surface to display bright and attractive information both indoors and outdoors. As an inexpensive form of advertising, these corrugated plastic signs are simple to install and versatile in appearance. 

The Benefits of Corflute Signs 

New digital printing technology allows companies to apply any design, logo, or image onto corflute with a very high quality finish. Screen printing, vinyl letter printing, or full colour vinyl printing methods are all used to produce an unlimited range of design possibilities, from simple text to a complicated graphic. The corflute board itself can be created in any shape or size and is produced in either 2 mm, 3 mm, or 5 mm thicknesses. This design versatility allows marketers to adapt their signage to even the most fast paced marketing system.
Corflute signs are used by businesses of all sizes, from independent professionals to fortune 500 companies. The low cost and fast production process of corflute signs makes them ideal for any business hoping to attract potential customers. After initial design, the signs can be mass produced, reducing the unit price even further. Alternative forms of signage, such as light box signage, costs over three times as much to create. 
Due to their very low price, corflute signs have become most popular as a temporary display method. Seasonal sales poster, short-term promotion signage, and temporary notices are all frequent uses for the material. However, corflute signs are far more durable than many marketers realise. When placed outdoors the signs last for up to two years in good condition and many years longer when displayed indoors. The resilient material can be continually taken down and reused without becoming shabby or worn. 

The Popular Uses of Corflute Signs 

Corflute signs have become popular across nearly every industry, from construction safety notices to shop front advertising. Though they are most commonly used to advertise products and services, their inexpensive nature means that they can also be used to instruct employees and other individuals. 
A wide range of companies are dedicated to producing and printing corflute signage for bulk orders and one off prints alike. The simple production process is easy for even the smallest business to navigate. Taking advantage of this bright, attractive, and cost effective advertising material could help any company gain an edge over its competitors. 
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